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Acing the on-boarding process like a HR superstar 🤩

Chloe, 9 September 2019

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Acing the on-boarding process like a HR superstar 🤩

Chloe, 9 September 2019


For most people, the first day at a new workplace is a daunting experience. It creates uncertainty and brings old insecurities to the fore. That’s why on-boarding is seen as an important part of the modern recruitment process, your goal should be to ease recruits into their new role.


How to calculate annual leave?

PayFit, 29 August 2019


Oh hello, is it September yet? Summer is now behind us and you’re wondering when you should take your next holidays or being asked from your employees these recurring questions... how much annual leave do I have left? How much annual leave can I carry over?

do i need a payroll software

Do I need payroll software for my business?

PayFit, 3 May 2019

Payroll can be a real headache for any business owner, but one that has serious consequences when you don’t get it right.

challenges payroll articles

Top challenges of managing payroll in 2019

PayFit, 9 May 2019

An accurate and effective payroll system helps your business run smoothly, and is a major factor in developing a contented and trusting workforce. The day-to-day problems payroll managers face, however, are often complex and challenging.

Most common payroll mistakes

The most common payroll mistakes small businesses make and how to avoid them

PayFit, 3 May 2019

With such a high potential for error in payroll, many small businesses pay a high price when they make a mistake. 

workplace pension

Everything you need to know about workplace pensions in the UK

PayFit, 25 April 2019

Work place pensions in the UK can be a little confusing. Who is eligible? What are the employee’s contributions? What are the workplace pensions employer responsibilities? There are a lot of questions that you need to ask yourself about pension scheme payroll.

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How to make sure that your payroll is GDPR compliant

PayFit, 23 April 2019

Payroll GDPR policy is something that you can’t ignore. Data Protection is vitally important now that these new regulations are in place. Your business, as well as your payroll software, needs to step up to the mark in order to stay compliant.